Congratulations on your upcoming event!
We are proud to supply our elegant decor to venues all across London and the South East. We specialise in magnificent stage decor, walkways, centrepieces, seatings, thrones, drapes and table displays as well as other backdrops and props. Our decor is unique and can be tailored to your specific requirement and colour scheme. Each item can be hired separately or as a complete package.

Pricing & Costs:
Our prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves on quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Prices vary according to the number of items you chose and the location of the set-up. Naturally, the more items picked the cheaper the overall price gets. We have not published our prices because of the varying aspects that determine the cost – but we are very sure you will not find decor more competitive than ours.

On our contacts page please email your location for the decor set-up and chose the items you want (they are all coded) and we will give you the best price possible!

Standard Decor

Dior Premium

Grand Premium